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Our club’s purpose is to fundraise money by using methods as we can. Our goal is to buy sheep using our club’s money by interacting with a sheep-raising missionary and sending those sheep to African people.

Our club is to ‘fund raise’ the money. In our club, while we are meeting once a week, we will discuss the event, or the way how to fundraise the money. When we get enough money we will start our main goal. Our goal is to give that money to a sheep-raising missionary by interacting with him and he will check the money that we funraised and will send a fixed amount of sheep to the Africans.

Club President: 이수호, Sooho Lee, Steven Lee, 10th grade

Meeting Day: Saturday (weekly)
Meeting Time: 17:00-18:00
Meeting Place: zoom and room inside the fencing room.

Physical Contact: 10th grade classroom / 12th grade classroom
Online Contact:
- Phone Number: 010-4881-4420
- Kakao ID: Sooho0615
- Email:

Fundraising Club

Fundraising Club

Fundraising Club
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