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GPA System

GPA features

It does NOT account for the difficulty of coursework. What unweighted GPA consider is the grade students get from any class. 

GPA scale


The maximum GPA you can acquire is 4.0 if it is an unweighted GPA. 

GPA calculation

The GPA calculation can be easily done. If students know their grades and credits of all classes, they can get their unweighted GPA. 

GPA interpretation (+examples) 

The chart in the right is our school GPA conversion chart. 

Basic Information

​GPA features

It accounts for the difficulty of students; coursework. And the highest GPA students can receive vary according to the academic level of their classes. 
Mostly, the classes are divided into 3 types: AP classes, honor classes, and regular classes.

GPA scale


The maximum GPA you can acquire is 5.0 if it is a weighted GPA. 

GPA calculation

The GPA calculation may be tricky due to a variety of courses at different academic levels. Each grade has to be considered in conjunction with class level 

GPA interpretation (+examples) 

1. The A in a regular-level class would still be a 4.0

2. The A in an honors class would be a 4.5

3. The two Bs in AP classes would each be 4.0s

4. The B in the honors class would be a 3.5

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