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English Proficiency Tests

Basic Information

Testing Information

1. Computer-based

2. Can take at home (if the setting fulfills the requirement)

Test Composition





(finish all sections within 1 hour- then get the result in 2 days) 

Duolingo Test Cost

US $49

Test Score

Score Range: 0-160

Test Registration

On the Duolingo website


Test Date

Everyone can take the test twice a month

Duolingo English Test

It is a modern language proficiency tool designed for today's international students and institutions 

TOEFL stands for

Test of English as a Foreign Language. 
It is the world's most accepted English-language test for study, work, and immigration.  


Basic Information

Testing Information

1. Computer-based

2. Conducted by ETS (educatioal testing service) 

TOEFL Composition

Reading: 54-72 minutes

Listening: 41-57 minutes

Speaking: 17 minutes

Writing: 50 minutes


1. IBTs

97% of all TOEFL

Internet-based tests (Students take the test on a provided computer in a testing room)

2. PBTs

3% of all TOEFL

Paper-based tests (This doesn't test students' speaking skills, so the test-makers are phasing out these types of tests) 

Test Score 

Each section: 200-800 point scale

Total SAT score: sum of your section scores

(The highest possible SAT score: 1600)


US $185

TOEFL Registeration

When: 2-3 months before the test date

How: "ETS" website 

(you should first sign up and make an ETS online account) 

TOEFL & Duolingo Test Comparison 

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