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Early Decision

Students can apply to only one school. And if a student gets admission through early decision, the student can't reject but must go to that school. Students should take a risk that they can't apply to other schools, but students also have a higher chance of getting admission through early decision. 

Early Action

Students can apply to colleges faster (earlier than regular decision). And then they get the result usually before the regular decision starts. Unlike early decisions, students are allowed to apply to many schools and choose among them. 

Regular Decision

Most students apply to college during this season from February to March. And the result comes out in March and April. 

Rolling Admission

This admission has a longer deadline. Different from others which give the result at once, after looking at all students' application, rolling admission give result right back after looking at one student’s application. So students can get the result faster. But usually, this is only used by public schools. 

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