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Advanced Placement


do students take AP exams? 

Students take AP exams to measure how much they mastered all the contents in the specific subject and to help students access skills they will need when they go in college. 


is  on the AP exam? 

The contents vary according to what AP subjects a student chooses to study. And every test includes two types of questions: multiple-choice questions and free-response questions. Students can check the full list of courses on the college board website.


do I register for the AP exam? 


1. Make and verify a college board account. 

2. Access to Fulbright Korea Website 

3. Fill out the general information and be sure to put in the same information as what you put in the college board account

4. Select the subjects you are willing to take

5. Pay the money to the account provided from the Fulbright website


should I take the AP exam? 

The test is offered only ONCE a year, in May. 

1st registration period: October 1, 9:00am - October 31st, 11:59pm

Fee: 240,000 KRW

Last-testing: 290,000 KRW

2nd registration period: December 6, 9:00am - February 28, 11:59pm 

Fee: 290,000 KRW

Late-testing: 340,000 KRW

AP Score

1. Scored on a 5 point scale (max. 5 points)

2. No deduction for incorrect or blank answers

3. The ratio between multiple-choice questions and free-response questions differs according to what subjects test you take 

How is AP exam scored? 

What score do students need to get? 

"Coming Soon"

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