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About Us...

Neotimes is a club that develops projects within the school and cooperates with other clubs to help the CSIS community through its services and platforms.
Especially in this period, in which COVID-19 led the digital era to take over, we focus on online activities and the connections between online and offline activities.

Name and Slogan


Our club name "Neotimes" is made of two parts: 'Neo' and 'Times'. ‘Neo’ means a new start and ‘Times’, as we all know, has the meaning of a period. As the name itself states, we seek out to attempt new things and open the beginning of a new period.

Slogan: "Make it work"

Our slogan "Make It Work" represents our motto to overcome and move forward under any circumstances



Oversees the website and digital operations and researches new ways of using the website. Also in charge of the club's internal communication system and portfolios


Serves as the finance director of the club, managing income and outcome and funding.

Design Director

Oversees all design processes, consulting other departments with design projects and operations. The position will create separate content from team projects.

Marketing Director

Oversees all marketing operations and promotes the club and its services. Also manages Instagram and social media channels, implementing new marketing strategies.

Managing Director

Takes the overall responsibility and oversees the whole club. This position launches new projects, trains new members, organizes teams, runs the meetings, and manages other directors.


Manages the schedule, arranges meetings, reminds tasks to club members, keeps track of the club's portfolios, and serves as a communicator. This position also researches new 

Our Teams
To raise the efficiency of work being done in the club,
Neotimes is divided into four brands: Management, Studio, Community, and Program.
Contact and Support Us

Instagram  ID: csis.neotimes

Club Leader: 010-8694-0468/

Support us through donations:
Donations will be used for establishing our website, improving services, and preparing for events held by our club.

Kakao Bank Mini: 7777-01-4604472

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